Ansal plaza

Ansal Plaza In Andrews Ganj New Delhi. One of the oldest mall in Delhi. This is my all-time go-to place. When I am with friends, family or alone. This is the best place in Delhi I have come across. When you enter into Ansal plaza you will see a train structured shopping complex divided into two parts and in between there is a big stage surrounded by stairs all around. Although there are not many options available for garments and other stuff in the complex, yes it is full of theme-based restaurants, Out of those my favourite is #SkyHigh and #Limitless (Roof Top Restaurants). So let’s move forwards towards the big ground inside which is an ideal location to spend the evening time. Localize people come here for Jogging, Walking, Playing outdoor games, Practicing Outdoor Sports and Other Activities. And people like me come here in search of peace, to spend some me-time the best time. What I enjoy most here is eating garlic bread with cold coffee, sitting on the stairs in the beautiful evening looking at people busy in doing different activities and listening to the guitar tune (practising by some upcoming talents).

Ansal Plaza Garden Tour, Andrews Ganj New Delhi

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