Communication Is the Key

Share your feelings

Since nowadays there is too many bad news are coming like Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide case and so many more. So Whenever we hear this kind of news it affects us so deeply at that point of time that we suddenly start following the ongoing trend of communication is the key

  • If someone wants to share something, they can share with me, I am available to listen
  • Talk it out guys
  • Feel free to contact me
  • Feel free to share your secrets
  • Share your problems
  • My door is open
  • I am just a call away

These are the deep meaningful sentences if you are using it make sure you mean it because sometimes people write this stuff and when actually someone is sharing their problems they are not even interested to listen to them.

Try to understand their feelings

We need to understand that if somebody is sharing the problem with you it means he/she is expecting something from you may be a just a piece of advice, some motivation, or any other kind of help. So just do not just listen to them for the sake of your relationship try to understand them too then only it makes sense. Otherwise there is no use of sharing the problems with each other, because anyways its not making any difference in your lives.

Communication is a very important aspect of our lives. 

There are two broad categories into this

  • The person who have lots of friend or a good family background they can easily share their problems with each other.

In this case probably no solution needed, as the person already has supporting people around them and they can easily share their thoughts and problems with each other.

  • Person who is not comfortable in sharing the thoughts and feels like nobody is their to listen to them.

In this case, people can share their thoughts by writing a blog, writing in a diary, recording their audio or video clip, can share their thought with the pets as well. These are a few effective ways through which you can release your stress.

COVID 19 impact on people

Due to this pandemic COVID 19 so many people are going through a lot. It has impacted everybody’s life in some sort of way. Just wanted to let you know guys that life is precious look around if anybody is suffering from anything try to help them out, maybe few words of love can change their mind and they can feel positive. It is a long fight and we must keep fighting. So, we must need to help and understand each other then only we can win this battle.

Make sure you mean it

So guys I just wanted to say communication is the key. So next time whenever you are saying something like that to anyone just prove it that you mean it by all your heart and this not just for the sake of a relationship or you are following any trend going on in the society.

  • Yes, you are actually available for them.
  • They can talk it out with you.
  • They do not need to hesitate before calling or texting you
  • Their secrets are safe with you
  • You are helping them in solving their problems.
  • You are ready to welcome them
  • They can call you anytime, and you will take out the time to listen to them.

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