Lockdown Story

Its been a long time now we have been continuously fighting with this COVID 19 pandemic, and we still have no idea when this lockdown will completely open and the things get normal again.

We are still waiting for the vaccine but so far no success in that too. But since the lockdown period is over, somehow we are trying to get back to our lives with this NEW NORMAL CULTURE.

New Normal

Well talking about myself this pandemic has impacted me in lot many ways. Well I am sure this must be a situation for most of the people.
I have planned so many things for this year 2020 as this year was supposed to be my dream year.
I still remember the new year wish of my father on 01-01-20202. He called me up and was trying to make up mind that they are going to fix my wedding till next year 2021 for sure. So he actually wants me to be prepare for it.
To be very honest getting married is a big challenge for me.
I am not sure even that I am going to be prepare for it or not. Well it’s a long story will tell you some other time.
So, now i have decided on the very 1st day of the year 2020 after talking with my father that I am not going to waste the most precisions year of my life. So I have started making plans for this year and kind of structuring my goals accordingly.
But who knows that this year is going to turn up like this. We have to face the biggest lockdown and all my plans are going to be vain.

Lockdown October

Since we are in 10th month of 2020, I was thinking like is there anything good happen to me this year which I can always cherish and remember throughout my life.
I got an answer – Yes, there has been lots of things happened this year which is not according to my plans but according to my dreams.
So this lockdown has actually helped me in fulfilling so many dreams of mine. For instance one of the biggest dream of mine is to spend some quality time with my parents. And guess what because of this lockdown i finally came back to my home town. So finally after so many years I got the opportunity to live with my family for more than 7 days.

Working In Private Sector

I am living in Delhi because of my career. In private sector it is very hard to take leaves for more than 7 days in a month. So I hardly get the time to come back to my home town and spend some quality time with my family. But now because of this lockdown we are working from home. So I have decided to come back to my home to manage both the things simultaneously my work and my family.

Work & Family
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

I cant tell you since how long I have dreamt for this. I always wanted to spend time with my family along with my work so that their will be no distractions. Now finally I have got the opportunity to make it happen. Although working from home is not an easy task.
In the past i have already shared the frustration of working from home in my blog. But somehow if you are living with your family you get more strength to deal with worst to worst situation.

So this lockdown has helped me in so many ways which I am going to share with you all in my coming blogs.
Till then you can also observe what are the good things happened to you during this lockdown.

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