Lockdown Story

Its been a long time now we have been continuously fighting with this COVID 19 pandemic, and we still have no idea when this lockdown will completely open and the things get normal again.

We are still waiting for the vaccine but so far no success in that too. But since the lockdown period is over, somehow we are trying to get back to our lives with this NEW NORMAL CULTURE.

New Normal

Well talking about myself this pandemic has impacted me in lot many ways. Well I am sure this must be a situation for most of the people.
I have planned so many things for this year 2020 as this year was supposed to be my dream year.
I still remember the new year wish of my father on 01-01-20202. He called me up and was trying to make up mind that they are going to fix my wedding till next year 2021 for sure. So he actually wants me to be prepare for it.
To be very honest getting married is a big challenge for me.
I am not sure even that I am going to be prepare for it or not. Well it’s a long story will tell you some other time.
So, now i have decided on the very 1st day of the year 2020 after talking with my father that I am not going to waste the most precisions year of my life. So I have started making plans for this year and kind of structuring my goals accordingly.
But who knows that this year is going to turn up like this. We have to face the biggest lockdown and all my plans are going to be vain.

Lockdown October

Since we are in 10th month of 2020, I was thinking like is there anything good happen to me this year which I can always cherish and remember throughout my life.
I got an answer – Yes, there has been lots of things happened this year which is not according to my plans but according to my dreams.
So this lockdown has actually helped me in fulfilling so many dreams of mine. For instance one of the biggest dream of mine is to spend some quality time with my parents. And guess what because of this lockdown i finally came back to my home town. So finally after so many years I got the opportunity to live with my family for more than 7 days.

Working In Private Sector

I am living in Delhi because of my career. In private sector it is very hard to take leaves for more than 7 days in a month. So I hardly get the time to come back to my home town and spend some quality time with my family. But now because of this lockdown we are working from home. So I have decided to come back to my home to manage both the things simultaneously my work and my family.

Work & Family
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

I cant tell you since how long I have dreamt for this. I always wanted to spend time with my family along with my work so that their will be no distractions. Now finally I have got the opportunity to make it happen. Although working from home is not an easy task.
In the past i have already shared the frustration of working from home in my blog. But somehow if you are living with your family you get more strength to deal with worst to worst situation.

So this lockdown has helped me in so many ways which I am going to share with you all in my coming blogs.
Till then you can also observe what are the good things happened to you during this lockdown.


Stock Photography

Shutterstock is an interesting website to showcase your talent of photography, videography and your creativity skills to earn some good amount of money out of it.

Since this COVID 19 pandemic Is affecting everyone in terms of health and financial crisis. It becomes very important for us to look for an alternate option as a source of income

Late teens girl looking out of window

So isn’t a great idea if you try stock phtography.
Because Doing something as your hobby is going to making you earn money from it.
So why not during this tough time we do some new experiment. We can try to make money from our passion of photography.

There are lots of online website and mobile applications which allows to earn money by uploading your best click. But since I am a member of Shutterstock family, i will recommend this website to you all
So you can easily start your stock photography through Shutterstock. You just need to submit your best stock photographs into the website. If your pictures got approved, you can easily earn some good amount of money out of it.

Benefits of using Shutterstock

  • It helps you to improve your photography skills
  • Improve your photo editing skills
  • It is an alternate option to earn good amount of money.
  • Do not need to manage time for it, you can easily use it in your free time.
  • It helps you to utilize your free time.
  • Boost up your confidence as a photographer
  • It allows you to follow your passion
  • Utilize your free time by doing something you love
  • No Cost Investment

Communication Is the Key

Share your feelings

Since nowadays there is too many bad news are coming like Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide case and so many more. So Whenever we hear this kind of news it affects us so deeply at that point of time that we suddenly start following the ongoing trend of communication is the key

  • If someone wants to share something, they can share with me, I am available to listen
  • Talk it out guys
  • Feel free to contact me
  • Feel free to share your secrets
  • Share your problems
  • My door is open
  • I am just a call away

These are the deep meaningful sentences if you are using it make sure you mean it because sometimes people write this stuff and when actually someone is sharing their problems they are not even interested to listen to them.

Try to understand their feelings

We need to understand that if somebody is sharing the problem with you it means he/she is expecting something from you may be a just a piece of advice, some motivation, or any other kind of help. So just do not just listen to them for the sake of your relationship try to understand them too then only it makes sense. Otherwise there is no use of sharing the problems with each other, because anyways its not making any difference in your lives.

Communication is a very important aspect of our lives. 

There are two broad categories into this

  • The person who have lots of friend or a good family background they can easily share their problems with each other.

In this case probably no solution needed, as the person already has supporting people around them and they can easily share their thoughts and problems with each other.

  • Person who is not comfortable in sharing the thoughts and feels like nobody is their to listen to them.

In this case, people can share their thoughts by writing a blog, writing in a diary, recording their audio or video clip, can share their thought with the pets as well. These are a few effective ways through which you can release your stress.

COVID 19 impact on people

Due to this pandemic COVID 19 so many people are going through a lot. It has impacted everybody’s life in some sort of way. Just wanted to let you know guys that life is precious look around if anybody is suffering from anything try to help them out, maybe few words of love can change their mind and they can feel positive. It is a long fight and we must keep fighting. So, we must need to help and understand each other then only we can win this battle.

Make sure you mean it

So guys I just wanted to say communication is the key. So next time whenever you are saying something like that to anyone just prove it that you mean it by all your heart and this not just for the sake of a relationship or you are following any trend going on in the society.

  • Yes, you are actually available for them.
  • They can talk it out with you.
  • They do not need to hesitate before calling or texting you
  • Their secrets are safe with you
  • You are helping them in solving their problems.
  • You are ready to welcome them
  • They can call you anytime, and you will take out the time to listen to them.

Living Alone

This is an interesting blog especially for those people who live alone far from their families. This is as per my own experience and learning. So in this blog, I am going to tell you about 10 benefits of Living alone.

10 Benefits Of Living Alone

1. Clears Your Mind

When you live alone it clears your mind, your way of looking at things will change, you can decide what thoughts should remain in your mind or whatnot as per your choice.

2. Improves Your Creativity

Living alone also helps you in improving your creative skills, As when you doing something for yourself, you wanted to make it special. make it different, and add some creativity into it. So it definitely helps you in becoming a creative person.

3. Allows you to explore possibilities for your life

Loneliness allows us to explore new and old things. When you live alone, you get enough time to think about things in a deeper way. You can explore your life and upcoming possibilities. You can take your life decisions on the basis of your own research.

4. Resets your priorities

This is so obvious that if you are living alone, you are the one who is actually setting up the priorities for yourself, there is no one to question you or interrupt you in between, your life your rules and your priorities as simple as that, And when you live with your family or someone else their is a high possibility that you will share your thoughts with other people and they will change your mind according to their perspective and your priorities will be changed because of that and you will end up unsatisfied at last.

5. Improves your relationships

When you live alone you, no show-off needed in any relationship, you can easily focus on your special relationships because people already understand that you are living alone and you must be busy with your daily schedule so they will not even complain that why you are not talking and meeting them hence you can spend your maximum time with your family and close friends.

Self Love

6. Lets you slow down

Life is a race and everybody is running in this race but sometimes we lose our identity in this race, but when we get enough time to spend with ourselves then we realize that there is no need of running so fast in the race we can also slow down our speed and enjoy every phase of life.

7. You become more focused

All these points are correlated with each other, when you live alone far from your family you will become more focused because you have sacrificed your old life to make a better future and you have to achieve your target anyhow to justify your sacrifice and fulfil your responsibilities towards your family and yourself.

8. You reconnect with yourself

Self love is a very important aspect of life. When you start loving yourself then only you can live your life otherwise your life become meaningless. So when you live alone you reconnect with yourself, you will take care of your self and everything will be starts from you and end on you.

9. You gain self-confidence

To achieve something in life it is very to develop self-confidence because self-confidence is a kind of strength which will make you able to fight with your problems and do things on your own. When you are alone you gain self-confidence by taking every single decision of your life by yourself. You are confident that whatever the result will be you can fac it off.

10. You become more Independent

Life is unpredictable so its very important to become Independent as soon as you can because we don’t know what will happen the next day and it will change your life completely. So why to be afraid of that situation when we can make ourselves strong by becoming an independent person. When you live alone you have to do each and every task on your own and that how you become independent.

Rishikesh Trip

My First Visit To Rishikesh

Rishikesh – The Yoga capital of India. A Beautiful City In Uttarakhand India known for many different reasons like Ganga River, Ram Jhula, Laxman Jhula, Adventure Activities and the peaceful environment.

I have been to Rishikesh twice times. The first time when I visited Rishikesh I wasn’t aware of the beauty of the city. It was just a one day trip to Rishikesh as we have to return back to our home on the same day. Our tickets were already booked so nothing can be done. 

So basically we went to Haridwar to take a dive in the Ganges. Since Rishikesh was very near to Haridwar so we took a bus from Haridwar to Rishikesh just to explore one more city in our free time. It was around 2 hour’s journey from Haridwar then we have reached Rishikesh.

Since I was only aware of the two attractions of the city that is Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula so  I was pretty much excited to see that.

We hired an Auto from Bus stand and directly went to Ram Jhula. It was looking amazing then we walked through the Jhula. The swing was actually shaking and the loud noise of water, pleasant atmosphere making it adventurous. I Still, remember the feeling when I was walking on the Ram Jhula. The distance was not quite long. I was surprised to see that the 2 wheelers are also passing through the Jhula. I was amazed how come people are so fearless and easily passing through the swing.

So this is the story of Ram Jhula now let’s talk about Laxman Jhula. Since it was a bit far from Ram Jhula so we have decided to go by walk to Laxman Jhula. We headed towards the Jhula through the sideway of the jetty.

While walking I have realized the actual beauty of Rishikesh. The sound of flowing water all around, The fresh flowing water of Ganga, the chilled wind, peaceful environment, less population, the sound of nature, big rocks, animals roaming around. It was so refreshing environment. You can find Yoga and Meditation centres all around. The city is full of peace which makes it an ideal location for Yoga and meditation.
We have finally reached to Laxman Jhula it was kind of same as Ram Jhula.

Ganga Aarti In Rishikesh

Then in the evening, we have seen the famous Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat. The flowing water of the Ganga river looks greenish in colour and it also slows down its speed at the time of Aarti.

It was so refreshing. A group of Priest was performing the Ganga Aarti. The entire priests are in the same kind of yellow colour costumes. They all are doing the Aarti together. The aarti song was playing in the loudspeaker. It was a devotional environment. I was so mesmerized in the environment that I have decided to visit again very soon.

My Favourite City

I am a travel lover and also I have travelled to so many beautiful places. But Rishikesh is the place where I always want to go again and again. Its because whenever visited Rishikesh it gives me a feeling of Inner peace which is hard to find in Metro Cities.

It’s a kind of escape city for me. I love everything about Rishikesh and also wanted to spend a lot of Holiday in Rishikesh.

Ganga Aarti

A trip To Manali

Beginning Of My Travelhood.

Most Amazing Trip Of My Life

Honestly, I never knew that going on a trip with best buddies is so much fun until I went Manali with my office besties. Frankly speaking, I don’t know how I am gonna express all my happiness in words but I m still trying to do so because I wanted to keep this feeling fresh forever in my heart. So that whenever I look back in a flashback, I can feel all that fun and happiness again.

About The City

Well If I talk about the city I can say Manali is the most beautiful city after Kashmir that I have come across at the same time an ideal place for those who love icy hill stations like me. A tiny hill station with less number of population. The city is decorated with natural beauty all around. The big mountains are standing as boundaries of the city. The pleasant sound of fast-flowing water almost everywhere, those hazardous roads with beautiful views is really a delight to watch.

I was too happy after reaching there as I feel like I am in another world far away from all the work & worries. Just to enjoy my life, feel the freedom. The feeling was kind of fascinating to me. So I wanted to take the full advantage of my vacation as I know that it’s really hard to get opportunities like this.

On The Roads Of Manali

We reached Manali after 18 hours long Journey from the Bus. It’s almost the evening when we have reached. We know that we cannot explore anything today as it’s about to be night soon. So we have decided to explore Manali Mall Road as it was quite near to our Hotel. After exploring the mall road we return back to our Hotel.

Manali Mall Road

Next-Day in the Morning we were ready to see the beauty of Manali. So we have booked a private can and headed to Solang Valley. The place was full of adventure activities. I have done the paragliding from the very first time. It was an outstanding experience. I am in the sky feel like flying in between the snow-covered mountains. I never thought that Manali is that much beautiful.

After Paragliding its time for us to have a cable car ride. It was long and the sights were beautiful you are locked into the cable car and you are going on to the top of the mountain. It was full of fun, We were shouting inside and really enjoying our ride. Then we have reached on the top of the mountain. It was an awesome feeling.

Traditional Manali Dresses

There were few local people who are offering the traditional dresses of Manali on Rent. So we decide to try the typical Manali Costume for a Photoshoot. We all look so amazing in Manali traditional costumes. We have clicked so many pictures as well.

It was a day full of adventure and we were so tired, so we headed back to the Hotel. We had dinner at the hotel and then we went for a night walk in Mall Road. It was decorated with lots of light, Tourists are all around and you can hear the sound of flowing water. It was so relaxing trip and we are lost in nature.

So on the next day, our Journey comes to an end. We took our bus and headed back to our Home.

Roads Of Manali

The memories which I have created is unforgettable. This trip was actually a new beginning of Travelhood.

Manali Diaries
Full Of Natural Beauty

Hotel Review – Rishikesh

Hotel Hill Top Swiss Cottage

Hotel Hill Top Swiss Cottage is a great place to stay in Rishikesh. Peaceful hotel about 20 minutes up the hill from Lakshman Jhula the road is quite steep and busy but a Tuk-tuk cost Rs 100. This place was just what I was looking for. Somewhere quiet a little away from the main area of town. It has a very wonderful view and peaceful environment.🌄

Rooms were also well-maintained, very spacious and clean. The best part about the room is it is interior in an ancient style which makes it quite different from others. I pretty much like the bed covered with curtains. There is a big ancient style of the couch as well in the room.
Though we have booked two interconnected rooms we got the common big balcony space. There is a swing in the balcony where you can just sit and relax in a peaceful environment. Chair and tables are also there in the balcony where you can sit with your special ones and spend some quality time as we have done.


Indeed the Hotel Hill Top Swiss Cottage was full of amenities like the rooms are fully air-conditioned. Tea and Coffee maker is available in the room. Hair Dryer to style your hairs. Travel Desk and a big led tv for your entertainment.
Paid Laundry services are also available. They also Provide complimentary Wi-Fi for every guest. Daily housekeeping service. The delicious restaurant next door. Fitness centre on the roof side. And you can see the amazing Rishikesh and the Ganges from the roof of the Hotel.

Hotel Hill Top Swiss Cottage Really nice staff and excellent value for money.
Next time if we plan for Rishikesh we will come back to Hotel Hill Top Swiss Cottage😃🙏
Thanks for everything team Hill Top…😃🙏
We really enjoyed our stay here…🌄


High Bank, Bhirkhet, Tapovan, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – 249201

Hotel review – Mussoorie

View From The Hotel Balcony

The Mountain Quail Hotel

The Mountain Quail Hotel is one of the best Hotel in Mussoorie, They provide all sort of facilities to their guest. Top-quality of hospitality we got from the hotel staff. We have 6 friends in our group and We have made our Room bookings from Paytm. It was 3 Nights 2 Days Trip to Mussoorie during the last weekend of the year. We got a great deal even in the Holiday Season. The hotel was fully booked with guests due to the last weekend. But still, the staff was quite polite and taking care of each and every guest.
They also provided the pickup facility to us from the mall road Mussoorie.

Rooms Of The Mountain Quail Hotel

We have checked-in in our rooms. The rooms were quite big, clean and spacious. And all the necessary things are already available in the room like Tea Maker, Wardrobe, Travel Desk, Big Led TV and Table Chairs. It also has a window with a pleasant view. They also provided us with Room heaters on special demand as it was too cold in Mussoorie in the month of December.

Why Choose The Mountain Quail Hotel

The mountain view from the hotel is amazing.🗻 The Hotel staff was very helpful. They also have a restaurant which serves delicious food. We enjoyed the complimentary breakfast every morning. I must say they have a very good breakfast menu especially the aloo ka paratha which I like the most. The hotel is nearby to the mall road of Mussoorie. We had a great time at hotel The Mountain Quail with my friends. If next time I will go to Mussoorie will definitely choose the same hotel again. I highly recommend this hotel to everyone. Suitable for all kind of crowds.


Old Kempty Road , Zero Point Behind PWD Inspection House Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Message for Fathers

Deep Story

It’s all about Fathers and Children relationship.
We people easily express our love for mothers on their Bday, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other day but always fail to express love for our Fathers. Maybe some people do it on Father’s Day that’s it.

Have A Question To Ask

So my question is why? Why we are not able to express our love to our beloved fathers. He is equally important in your life like your Mother. No Family is complete without him. His guidance helps you learn your values then why are not able to express him his importance in our lives.
I don’t know what kind of hesitation we feel in expressing our feeling to our fathers. Indeed since our childhood, we must have seen him as a strong person, but certainly, his biggest weakness is us, his children.

Express Your Love

So just go break the wall standing in between and express your love and feelings to your Fathers. It’s necessary to make him feel special he has done n number of sacrifices to raise us. Tell him how much you love him, how much you care of him, how important part he is playing in your life and you always want to be with him. After all –
He has the right to feel special, happy because of his children.
Fathers also deserves to know his importance in your life.
He will definitely be satisfied by realizing that their children love and care for him.

Life is too short. Rather regretting later you should express your love on time. This is a very important fact to understand. No matter how they are going to react to it but you should let them know. They truly deserve it.
I Love My Father and I will always try to make him feel special by expressing my love for him.
Love You, Papa. You are My Superhero

Happy Fathers Day

Prem mandir

Surprise Trip To Vrindavan

I Still remember it was the Day of Sisters & Brothers (Raksha Bandhan)
We are three sisters and we don’t have our real brother. So since my childhood, I used to tie Rakhi to My Kanha Ji  (Lord Krishna) and I consider Kanha Ji as my brother.

So on Raksha Bandhan, I and my sisters are spending memorable time together at home. Suddenly, my brother in law told us to get ready for a long drive. It sounds interesting to us, so we have all got ready for the drive and we began our journey.

Prem Mandir Visit

So we all are clueless that where we were heading too, Slowly when we were very close to our destination we have noticed the local address boards of Vrindavan city. I got so excited that maybe we are going to my favourite temple of Krishna that is Prem Mandir in Vrindavan.

So finally we have reached our destination and he stopped the car in front of the beautiful Prem Mandir. It was a pleasant surprise for me. Finally, for the very first time, I have actually celebrated this festival with my brother Kanha Ji. I feel like Kanha Ji himself invited me to celebrate this auspicious festival with him.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Prem Mandir is the most beautiful temple in Vrindavan dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. It was designed with hand-carved stone. Beautiful big gardens and water fountains all around. You can find the idol of Krishna all over the temple. So when I entered into the temple for Darshan, I felt so blessed by seeing him in front of me on a very special day. It was a magical feeling. I felt like his graceful idol is actually talking to me and wishing me Happy Raksha Bandhan. On the first level, you can see the realistic idol of Lord Radha Krishna and on the second level, you will find Lord Ram and Sita.

It was the best Raksha Bandhan I have celebrated so far.

I still remember. When I visited Vrindavan city for the very first time. Prem Mandir was my greatest attraction. But because of a busy schedule, I missed the chance to visit Prem Mandir that time. So from that day I always was curious to make a visit to Prem Mandir.

Finally, I would like to thanks my dearest brother in law for giving such a memorable surprise. Looking forward to more surprise trips like this.