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Surprise Trip To Vrindavan

I Still remember it was the Day of Sisters & Brothers (Raksha Bandhan)
We are three sisters and we don’t have our real brother. So since my childhood, I used to tie Rakhi to My Kanha Ji  (Lord Krishna) and I consider Kanha Ji as my brother.

So on Raksha Bandhan, I and my sisters are spending memorable time together at home. Suddenly, my brother in law told us to get ready for a long drive. It sounds interesting to us, so we have all got ready for the drive and we began our journey.

Prem Mandir Visit

So we all are clueless that where we were heading too, Slowly when we were very close to our destination we have noticed the local address boards of Vrindavan city. I got so excited that maybe we are going to my favourite temple of Krishna that is Prem Mandir in Vrindavan.

So finally we have reached our destination and he stopped the car in front of the beautiful Prem Mandir. It was a pleasant surprise for me. Finally, for the very first time, I have actually celebrated this festival with my brother Kanha Ji. I feel like Kanha Ji himself invited me to celebrate this auspicious festival with him.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Prem Mandir is the most beautiful temple in Vrindavan dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. It was designed with hand-carved stone. Beautiful big gardens and water fountains all around. You can find the idol of Krishna all over the temple. So when I entered into the temple for Darshan, I felt so blessed by seeing him in front of me on a very special day. It was a magical feeling. I felt like his graceful idol is actually talking to me and wishing me Happy Raksha Bandhan. On the first level, you can see the realistic idol of Lord Radha Krishna and on the second level, you will find Lord Ram and Sita.

It was the best Raksha Bandhan I have celebrated so far.

I still remember. When I visited Vrindavan city for the very first time. Prem Mandir was my greatest attraction. But because of a busy schedule, I missed the chance to visit Prem Mandir that time. So from that day I always was curious to make a visit to Prem Mandir.

Finally, I would like to thanks my dearest brother in law for giving such a memorable surprise. Looking forward to more surprise trips like this.

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