Science City Tour

Science City in Kolkata is the biggest science centre in India. In this video take a look of the biggest science centre from the top through the cable car ride.

It was a good sunny day when we went to the science city. So rather walking in the sunlight, we have chosen the option of the cable car to explore the amazing science centre of Kolkata.
Although cable car rides are my all-time favourite, So I grabbed the opportunity and started exploring the beautiful world of Science.

Best Place For Science Lovers

Indeed its a must-visit place for children’s who are more interested in science as they can better understand that each and everything inside the science centre is directly related to science and technology. You need a whole day to explore this big place. Main Attraction of Science City- 3-D Vision Theater – A show based on stereo back projection system where visitors experience 3D effect by Polaroid spectacles. Mirror Magic. There are 35 exhibits based on the reflection of light. Time Machine- 30-seater motion simulator provides virtual experience of space flight or journey into the unknown world sitting in a casual manoeuvred by the hydraulic motion control system.
We have explored almost all the park area.

There are so many halls related to different things in the science centre.
One hall is a kind of Museum. The other one is for 5D, 7D and many different shows. Yet some halls are closed due to maintenance. I remember one of the halls I visited I found many interesting things out there, it was a multi-level hall. There was a musical piano which attracts me the most. When you walk into the keys of the piano it will make a pleasant sound.
Also, there is a separate Gaming Zone inside the hall. The best part is all the games are directly related to science and technology.

There was so much left to explore but I couldn’t make it on that day because we were getting late. I might need to visit sometime again to cover all the section of the science centre. I know I have missed so many interesting things but it’s ok. Will definitely visit again when we plan our Kolkata trip next time.

Science City Kolkata

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