Work From Home

Story of Work From Home in the
Private Companies in Delhi

You know when we were living a normal life then it sounds so interesting that if got the opportunity to WORK FROM HOME it would be so great for us, will get some time for us, we can take care of ourselves, we might take out some time for our family and friends, but you know what this is all crap, The reality is quite different.

Working in a private sector will always give you the same feeling whether you are working from the office or from your home, it’s not about any concept but it is actually about the working culture of some so-called private companies whose main focus is on making your life hell no matter what.

My company is one of those kinds, due to this COVID 19, we have got the opportunity to do work from home. and they are making sure that they can take the fullest advantage of this COVID 19 lockdown situation.

Working In Office V/S Working At Home

In the office, we were working for good 9-10 hours but at home, we have to work for good 16-17 hours, you have to be attentive, always have to be available for all urgent online meetings and discussions, you have to respond on WhatsApp groups, keep on checking your email. always be ready for taking the new tasks etc…….
C-mon man this is the serious situation for the whole world, rather giving us the time to take care of our selves and our family in this difficult situation you are taking the advantage by giving us the additional work, by making us work on Sundays and other holidays.

Actually, they know the fact that people can’t leave their jobs at this point of time so they have the right to humiliate them to the maximum level.

Its getting painful day by day that rather focusing on your own life and family you are still focusing on saving your job. I understand that it is also necessary to earn money for your survival and living but doesn’t mean that you have to work as a slave.

I Have A Humble Request To Make

It’s my request to all the employees like me that please raise your voices against this unfair behaviour of our companies, You need to understand that if you are not able to get the new job in this current situation, the companies also can’t recruit the new people as your replacement.
Try to understand the simple fact and take out some time for your selves and your beloved family in this tough situation. Might be you will never ever get this opportunity again in your whole life.

Give it a thought.
Work like an employee, not slaves,
Fight for your own self-respect and your own time.

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