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Water Park

Worlds of Wonder is the most preferred destination for people living in Delhi NCR during Summers. Its a place dived into two different zones one is Water Park other one is Amusement Park. People can have a great and fun-filled time in WOW with family, friends or maybe office colleagues. I have been to worlds of wonders twice.

During my first visit to WOW, I was with my family and we had a lot of fun together. We have taken all the water rides and enjoyed a lot. Especially at the poolside where everyone is busy dancing on the music. We also joined them it was the most memorable part of my first visit to WoW.

The second time I had been to WOW with my office colleagues. It was a big group and we have taken the passes for both the zones water park and amusement park. So basically if you take a combo pass they will offer you a good discount.
We have entered in the water park and started with small rides.
After that, we went to the rain dance section. So when we got wet totally from top to bottom then we headed towards the big water rides. It was a fun-filled experience for all of us. At last, after covering all the rides we went to the pool section. So we are ready to rock on the beats with lots of water around us. It was the most happening dancing session.

Amusement Park

Now finally we headed to our next zone that is an Amusement park.
We have entered the park with the toy train ride. This time we have started from the scariest ride. Though I was not ready to go on to that ride my friends insisted to me so I went. I never regretted that decision because it was an unforgettable experience for me we had so much fun together. When we went up on the ride and the view was awesome, we were shouting like hell. Overall it was a wonderful experience, this is my first hangout with my office colleagues.
So we took all the rides in the Amusement Park. Indeed we were tired like anything but the experience was unforgettable.
Spending money on these type of places is worthwhile.
One should never miss an opportunity like this.

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